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First Sailing Adventure Blog from Florence; our newest Trainee

Trainees set off on a sailing adventure with Global Yacht Racing

Trainee Sailing Adventure Blog post number one

Trainee Flo tells us her thoughts in her first adventure sailing blog: 
so here it goes..
I am Flo. I have left my job back in Canary Wharf to go sailing. I have been battling for a while wondering whether it was a smart or a really stupid idea. Do I have an answer? Not quite, it’s only been about 48 hours that we’ve been at sea.
I’ll tell you what I have discovered in those 48 hours however…
In my latest life back on land, I would be seeking 1st times. Yes, at the age of 35 and not many days until I am 36, being ever so slightly adventurous, 1st times become something you search for. Life slowly becomes a suite of events we know and most of the time are able to anticipate.
Well… When you leave everything you know from a comfortable office job where your morning and evening commutes are about the only moments in the day where you are not sitting on a chair to a Race Skipper traineeship, you suddenly face loads of new experiences. Every day brings you something else to discover, I assure you.
There are 6 of us on EH01, 2 Brits, 1 American, 1 Hungarian, 1 Romanian and me, French.
Rachel, the First Mate and Andras, the Skipper were both trainees from last year. Fabio is here to take his Yachtmaster Ocean, Neal and Ionut are both on holiday. We share a watch system. Rachel and Ionut are one team, Neal, Fabio and I another. Andras floats around and assists whenever needed.
Our 1st night, coming out of the Solent, departing from Cowes, was quite an eye opener. Firstly, I discovered after making the first crew dinner, that spending too much time down below wasn’t what my stomach preferred. Turning a pale shade of green and realising that food that night was not going to be an option, I started to think that perhaps this was a diet I might be able to commit to.
It was fairly choppy, decent wind and we all really felt that when it came to attempting to sleep.
Yes… The slamming on the hull was so hard I was pretty certain I wouldn’t be able to sleep for the next 6 months.
48 hours in. Things have calmed down and sleep has been had. Food too. Forget the diet, there are snickers on board.
Sun is out. Music is on. Loud singing and a great atmosphere all round.
S.Y ‘EH01’
Global Yacht Racing

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