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Sailing adventure blog from Rachel last year’s trainee this years first mate…

Gibraltar is in sight! Well, figuratively anyway… Today we round Cape St  Vincent with the wind behind us and the sun in our faces; we couldn’t ask for more, especially on skipper Andras’ birthday! The wind has finally filled in, more or less, after a fair few miles under engine after a fickle breeze tortured us for days, building to just enough to sail and then, as soon as we put the jib up, laughing and dropping off almost immediately.
The entire crew have become experts at dealing with fishing vessels at night over the last couple of days. After one tense watch with what must have been nearly ten all trawling in one tiny area, we have come to the conclusion they always want to make our life as difficult as possible by “accidentally on purpose” changing course to be at risk of a collision with us.
We had a big treat when we pulled in for a flying visit into the safety of Nazare, past the huge breaking swell on the beach to refuel yesterday;  Fabio and Ionut came back with pizza! Fast food after days at sea? Yes please! The only thing that could have made it better would have been a nice cold pint in the other hand! With pizza in one hand, we proceeded to hoist the jib and sail on a cracking reach up until the next headland, dodging lobster pots and listening to music, where sadly, again, we had to bear away. The wind laughed at us like it has made a habit of doing all week, and it was down with the sails and back to continuing onward using the good old donkey.
But onward we go, the right and honourable, good ship EH01 carrying all her crew safely towards their final destination. And hey, there’s always a bright side, no one’s been seasick!

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