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Second Sailing Adventure Blog from Florence; our Trainee

Trainee Sailing Adventure Blog post number two

Last years Trainee and First Mate Rachel’s second sailing Adventure Blog

Day four (or is it five now? We’ve all lost count) at sea and the weather is really starting to feel like we are heading south towards the sun and away from the freezing temperatures of the last few days of the British ‘summer’. We’ve had a great trip so far and are now sailing west across the top of Spain and towards the promise of showers as we round Finisterre. We’ve seen both dolphins and more surprisingly, a huge whale this morning that swam right in front of us, much to the awe of everyone on board. We have been graced by other exotic wildlife too, a flying fish on the deck in the night and most notably a segull that landed on the deck yesterday morning. Our seagull friend we lovingly named Nick after our skipper from last year, which was hilarious until we realised that poor Nick was grievously injured, quite obviously dying and bleeding all over the foredeck. Now that we had given the poor thing a name, deciding what was the right thing to do was far more difficult. After a few episodes of winch handles being brandished, big ideas of putting Nick out of his misery, we all became quite attached to our feathery little friend. He stayed with us all day, even coming back the cockpit for morsels of bread, until we needed to reef the sails and he flew away. Sadly, not all crew managed to give him a final farewell…

That being said, the mourning is over and there have been many laughs since. Our normal routine has resumed; eat, sleep, watch, repeat. Food (the best part of every day excluding sleep!) has left many surprised and shocked that they do in fact, enjoy our gourmet boil in the bag meals. Good thing too, as there are lots more where they came from!

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