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Round Britain and Ireland 2018 – EH01 Days 1 – 4

Round Britain and Ireland 2018 – EH01 Days 1 – 4
It was with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that we slipped lines at Cowes Yacht Haven at 10:55 on Sunday. As a crew we have only known each other since the beginning of June but have worked hard to complete 3 weekend training weekends and 2 qualifying races. During this brief time we have begun to bond really well and work together to achieve our dream – to complete the RBI and be competitive in the racing.
With Skipper Gareth Glover at the helm we crossed the start line at the Royal Cowes Yacht Squadron in sunshine and fair winds and headed out into the English Channel, leaving the Isle of Wight to Starboard. This was to become a recurring theme, every bit of Britain and Ireland to starboard. Except Rockall, a tiny rock way out into the Atlantic, because that would be silly, wouldn’t it?
Heading West we passed Dorset, Devon and Cornwall over Monday, quite close to a couple of our home towns. Leaving the Isles of Scilly to – you guessed it – we then headed off upwind into the Irish Sea in an ideal 15 knot breeze, now getting used to our heeled over to 50 degrees life. Well, almost. It was with some relief that on Wednesday we were able to bear away from the wind around the South Western tip of Ireland and bring the boat onto a flatter and more comfortable angle – often accompanied by inquisitive dolphins.
As we sailed through Wednesday and into Thursday morning the wind and waves increased and our gentle reach across the wind turned into an exhilarating downwind blast through the waves, surfing the boat at upto 15 knots. Back to living at crazy angles and sudden random movements of our home. 
So, are we living our dream? I think so. Despite the wet, cold and moving toilet we are beginning to understand each other and the morale boosting things that keep us all going. We’re making good progress with our sailing and keeping up with the boats around us. If I have any doubts I only have to spend time seeing one of our hotshot helms sail the boat really fast through the waves like crazy but under full control to remind me why I came. That and the comedy moments like Marcus swearing himself to sleep, Jenn inflating her drysuit to Sumo proportions or Emily keeping a log of quotations of course!
Now to find a hotshot helm to teach me to sail the boat like crazy…..

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