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The EH01 Fasntet Race crew blog - day 1

Skipper Traineeship

Start your career in yachting with a Performance Yacht Racing Yachtmaster Skipper Traineeship

If you are starting out on your career path, intending to make a career change or just want to get some superb sailing and yacht racing in exotic world wide locations then read on.

The Performance Yacht Racing Traineeship offers you a range of programmes ranging from four to ten months featuring sailing and yacht racing in the UK, Caribbean and Mediteranean.

Genuine work experience as part of the PYR team will give you the right start in a yachting career, whether your passion is yacht racing, instruction or you are looking for a break into the Superyacht industry.

A sailing course like no other!
The traineeship will provide you with qualifications, an impressive amount of genuine miles, useful connections in the Yachting and Yacht Racing industry, hands on experience on a variety of race winning yachts and of course the adventure of a lifetime! This is a GAP year or a career change opportunity that cannot be beaten and is the only genuine way to get the all important miles and experience that employers are really looking for – by really learning on the job.

Why do a Fasttrak Yachtmaster course and then spend months of frustration trying to gain experience?

Join the PYR Skipper Traineeship and benefit from up to a year of valuable miles and experience before taking the RYA Yachtmaster exam. Then you will genuinely be ready and confident to step into the sailing industry.

Modular Training

The Traineeship is delivered in several parts depending on the programme you choose. Candidates with previous experience will find they are fully stretched, while the flexible, modular programme allows beginners to progress at their own rate.

UK Training

RYA courses to day Skipper, yacht maintenance and passage preparation.


Gain those all important qualification that enable you to be a commercially endorsed sailing master and gain work on super yachts and larger race yachts.

Passages and Mile building Europe

Sail from the UK to the Mediterranean then onwards to the Canary Islands, take part in regattas and offshore classics in the Mediteranean.

Atlantic crossing

Take part in the ARC Atlantic Rally for Cruisers Transatlantic Race (August start only)

Caribbean training and regatta Racing

Over four months of regatta racing, yacht prep and maintenance featuring hands on work experience in the Caribbean sunshine

RYA Yachtmaster prep course and exam

The final part of your Traineeship is the RYA Yachtmaster Prep and Exam: Two weeks of intensive practice and revision in preparation for your practical exam for the RYA Yachtmaster Offshore Certificate of Competence. An alternative date should be booked for this live-aboard course, which is included in the Traineeship price and takes place in the UK.

To chat about sailing and racing, find out how you can join the Traineeship and get work in the yachting industry call us now on (+44) 01983 242 033 or fill in your details below



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