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Milebuilder – Gibraltar – Las Palmas – EH01

Milebuilder – Gibraltar – Las Palmas – EH01
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Hello from EH01, currently two thirds of the way down the Moroccan Coast on our Milebuilder from Gibraltar to Las Palmas.
After a foggy morning caused a small delay in our departure, we eventually left Gibraltar around mid-day on Saturday.  Jua Kali left a little before us but we sneakily over took them. We were very quick down through the Straights and past Tarifa. We had a reef in the main and the no 3 head sail up and we were surfing downwind through the waves and having a great time. 
During the night the wind died and since then we have been motoring. Which is not that exciting however we have been able to make some incredible lunches and dinners, seen a lot of stars, killed a lot of flies (no clue where they come from) and decided Alex needs some more upbeat music choices. We have a pet on board as little birds keep landing on our deck in the evening – maybe they want to join our crew. Last night, Prue had to chase a bird around inside the boat and take it outside but it kept coming back. It surprised poor sleeping Niamh no end, when it landed on her, closely followed by Prue! At least the birds can eat the dead flies on deck. 
Today we had our shower day, so everyone is fresh and fruity again. The crew is amazing and we are having lots of fun and excellent banter. Alex’s trackie bottoms have finally been washed, we’ve eaten a lot of chocolate and discussed food – a lot. Andras promises us his famous seven minute boiled eggs for lunch tomorrow. Which is just as well because we’ve not managed to catch any fish yet. Now hoping that we can get some more wind so we can stop the engine and do some sailing to Lanzarote, our pit stop for swimming and cocktails before the final stop in Las Palmas for the start of the ARC.
Andras, Prue, Ingrid, Edel, Niamh, Borut and Alex
S.Y ‘EH01’
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