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Latest ARC Blog from EH01…

So here we are, half the distance done, right in the middle of the Atlantic. We’ve  had a nice 3 days with fairly light conditions. Thankfully the squally nights are over for now which made our lives uncomfortable during the first week. Our last hairy night was Saturday when a proper electrical storm came through with thunders all around us. We had to switch off all our instruments and try to sail the boat safely with now aid. Luckily the sun was coming up slowly and the storm passed shortly after too. Since then the wind has been easing. Last night was the lightest so far, 7-8 knots max but the crew has been fantastic trying to focus and driving the boat to the right direction with our kite on all around the clock.
It was Annabel’s birthday yesterday so we had a little celebration with a rice cake topped with some harribos and fruits…lovely touch.
Position wise we are slowly getting better and better and managed to get into the mid fleet (around 8th out of 17) from the back. Our aim is to try to build the distance between us and the ones behind and try to close the  gap with the top half of the fleet.
Light conditions also allowed me to jump into the water and get a piece of rope off our propeller which has been wrapped around it since we left Las Palmas. So our engine is now good to use for propulsion in case we need it which is very comforting.
Its got much hotter, especially without much wind so T-shirts are off and we start getting rid of our builder’s tan too..
Overall we’ve been having a nice relaxing time, just waiting for a little more wind….and another catch..
Here are a few words from the crew at half way through our voyage:
Hi to all my family and friends from the middle of the ocean. Missing you all and looking forward to seeing you and sharing tales of adventure! Chris
Hi to my family and friends in Switzerland, it has been great demanding sailing so far, looking forward to get more. Greetings also to my friends from DUFFY who were unlucky but well and fair winds to all sailors, see you in St.Lucia! Best regards, Corinne
The sun is shining, the sea is blue, and endless, the wind is moderate, we’ve only had to put the spinnaker up and down 3 times today, and to top it all there is home made cake for tea – so life is great!!! Much love to all my family and friends. Sue J xx
We are on the rhumb line without the rum, so how are we going to get the double ration of rum when someone spots land! Always a good vibration on board! Hans
Bonjour tout le monde , nous sommes mintenant rendu a mi chemin! WOW!!! Nous cpmmencons tous a penser aux Pana /coladas qui nous attendena ste-Lucie. j’en dois quelques un a mon Capitaine….
Hi to all my family and friends ! is very exciting cross the Atalantic with good friends from 8th different nationality, with a very good skipper , work a lot with the sail, look at the horizon stars and many sunset and sunrise   …the only thing missing a good gin tonic !  Filippo
This is amazing: sun and great sailing in the middle of the Atlantic! Greetings to family and friends, miss you and see you soon. Per x
There are different faces of sailing –  beautiful sunsets and moonrises, feeling every screaking of the boat, seeing the ocean’s bad temper – we have experienced them all. We have been holding the spinnaker’s sheet in our hands awake and asleep, baking cakes and trying to think of what we do when we are left with 2 pieces of Chorizo 5 days before St Lucia with 11 of us on the of the best sailings ever. Kasia
Having the most incredible time and a birthday yesterday I won’t forget in a hurry. We seem to have sailed through all types of weather and are now enjoying lots of sun and stargazing! Annabel
this is what its all about,brilliant boat and crew….howya to the family in galway & portland…journey is pure magic, catharsis! cheers..paddy
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