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Jua Kali ARC Update

It’s official: Today less than 1000 miles remain to St Lucia for Jua Kali and the finish of the ARC. Further our current position allows you to maintain for the first time in ages a more or less direct course, without deviations caused by wind direction or strategic positioning. We are in excellent mood and with fresh energy.
Every day around noon we receive our position updates. We pore over the GRIB files with the weather predictions, and weigh risk against safety and luck against skill.  
Jua Kali Crew - Ready for departure

Jua Kali Crew – Ready for departure

 Sailing and being in nature remain the most exciting part of all. The trade winds are a remarkable environment with quite steady winds, but also a considerable amount of swell. In the morning, the fierce sun burns strongly behind us and there is little chance to hide. Below deck the climate is now decidedly tropical, humid, with little air movement, reminding me of a rain forest, fortunately without mosquitoes.  But in the afternoon we get the shadow of the sails, and finally sail into the sunset every night. Some prefer the night: Now we get the full moon. It is clear and bright, and the world around is is engulfed in silver. The air cools down to a gentle and agreeable level, and you can feel one with the universe. But helming can become a challenge. In the blur of the moonlight, the digital compass fixed on the foot of the mast becomes the only indicator for direction. A moment of getting lost in this dreamy world, and waves and wind may conspire to kick your … stern, kicking you into a frenzy to re-establish the course, commanding your attention.
The duration of our trip is now well beyond our initial, maybe optimistic target. Meals have to be carefully planned, taking into account any potential additional delays — we still have a thousand mails to go.   Although none of us will be in any danger of starving, and some of us may even quietly enjoy the opportunity to lose a bit of weight, we do become aware of the limited stocks our little world has to offer. But there are plenty of little opportunities to enjoy life: Last night somebody made fresh brownies with custard, and today’s lunch is complemented by fresh bread.
But inevitably, discussions also sometimes centre around the fruit basked and rum punch waiting for us at the finish line, and around favourite foods not available here. Variants of steaks are remarkably popular — although personally I’d go for a hearty pizza.
S.Y Jua Kali
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