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Jua Kali – ARC Race Blogs – Training Week & Day 1 to Day 2

Here are all blogs sent by the Jua Kali Skipper & Crew:

14th November:
Crew members were asked to make there way to the Las Palmas Marina to meet their skipper and team. Our division, the racing class are competitive to say the least – this was evident from the first crew meeting and from meeting other teams. These teams are willing to sacrifice some plesurability for a quicker passage and the prestige of potential victory – Where weight can be spared it will be spared (no luxuries here please!), and where a quicker route can be found we will take it and accept the weather that comes with that route – the ultimate aim is to get there as fast as we can and beat the rest!
The week ahead – Training, safety briefings and preparation.
The race ahead  – Eat, Sleep Sail Repeat!
15th November:
ARC Provisions

ARC Provisions

Food and beverages by the truck load – Quite literally! Huge white trucks were delivering vessel provisions to the pontoon. Such a huge amount of food, but there were obviously some themes – Firstly foods that last boxed,tinned cartons – you name it it was there and secondly carefully selected fresh fruit and vegetables predominately those that last- wish on the pontoon to dry or strung up in hammock netting.  

17th November:
Final tweaks being made – Quite an experience climbing up the mast to get the Windex (a tool similar to a weather vane but much more technical) for adjustments to the connector – What a view! 

Heading sky high – on Quokka! Sister ship to Jua Kali

19th November:
Race on!
After the fun and boisterous departure and procession of boats leaving the marina, we were briefed by our skipper Gareth on our start plan – This is a battle not a war – Do not get tied up with other vessels, and stay clear  of larger sailed vessels on the leeward side.
The multihulls departed and nervous excitement was building. The gun signalled for our racing class, and we all set into action.
The plan worked – We found ourselves lying 3rd by the end of the island where we would change our heading and we were gaining on the two yachts in front of us and together we were pulling away from the 200 strong pack.
20th November:
First Squall!!  It was our first night shift and I was on the helm. Paul, Tony and Matt were in the cockpit as we were hit by our first squall!! Now that was an experience. The boat was heeling over and everyone was hanging on as we bare away from the winds so we could take a view and potentially reef in the sails. Gareth had been trying to get some shuteye after being up on deck and managing the crew for over 24 hours – however he shot up as the squall came in and ensured the right actions were being taken.
Needless to say adrenaline was pumping, hearts were racing and at the end of that shift we needed some shut eye.

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