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Jua Kali – ARC Race Blogs – Day 9

Our route plan has to change all the time with every new grib file {weather file) we download and I spend time looking over them trying to make plans for a fast route to St Lucia. We started off with a north route following the rumb line and making good time and heading west but as the days passed the north route looked blocked with light winds and we took a gamble that we could get south while we had wind to try and get below 20N  (600nm south from where we were) where we hoped to find the trade winds to take us the rest of the way. We now find ourselves 130nm north of that target with light winds ahead over the next 48 hours.
Today is a very sunny windless days after heading south from our far north route but just because there’s no wind life on a race yacht still keeps going.  The daily jobs of cleaning the heads twice a day, cleaning the floors walls and deck still happen. Food still has to be cook and then cleaned up afterwards, logs to be fill in but those slow days also give the crew time to do some washing and wash themselves with a bucket of salt water on the rear deck. The rails are covered in drying washing after 8 days at sea and crew reading books on the low side but the light winds don’t mean racing have stopped with the on watch team trying to get the yacht moving is a direction we would like to go and the crew moving round the yacht as slow as possible to keep the movements down.
Let hope for some wind to help us soon

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