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Jua Kali – ARC Race Blogs – Day 5 – Dolphins & Whales!

23 November – Day 5
Had a great day of sailing yesterday! Everyday keeps getting better! The sun was out and we had a good breeze for much of the day. By mid afternoon a fairly large swell had developed and we were making good speed. We had a large pod of dolphins effortlessly swim up to investigate the yacht before continuing onwards on their journey.
We had the fishing line out for most of the day, then just before dinner we managed to hook a Dorado! Our second fish of the trip! It was a beautiful bluey gold colour and of a decent size too! There was a lot of excitement as Matt pulled the fish onboard and Bjorn was woken immediately to fillet it. Within minutes it was in the fry pan and being served out to everyone. It tasted beautiful! A great appetizer before dinner!
Matt and Paul were on dinner duty. Cottage Pie! After a lot of fumbling around and discussion on how to best cook the dried smashed potato we managed to get food out to everyone.
The wind continued into the early night, as we woke up for watch change there was complete silence, only the gentle flapping of an empty sail, the wind had completely disappeared! For over six hours we sat on deck with not a breath of wind, disparately looking at the speedo for some sign of movement! To pass the hours we spent much of the time star gazing, admiring the beautifully clear skies, unpolluted by light. Mark taught Matt how to tie half a dozen different types of knots, although to how much success is questionable, there will be a test later on in the week! We could see a few lights, far on the distant horizon, we strained our eyes trying to see whether they were fellow racers or just low stars! Perhaps we have been at sea too long! A whale was also briefly spotted coming up for air before disappearing back into the airily flat sea.
Just before sun rise we managed to hit a little bit of wind and it looks as though it will keep building throughout the morning. Hopefully we can make up some time!

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