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Jua Kali – ARC Race Blogs – Day 15

3rd December:
Our scheduled arrival date into St Lucia is the 9th December. This is slightly later than expected due to the battery issues and light winds we experience earlier in the race. As a result we are having to ensure we ration enough fuel, food and water to last us another week. Today we continue on our same course, heading south west. The winds are getting stronger the further south we go and we hope to give ourselves a good angle running into the finish line.
The weather is getting increasingly hot and humid the further south we go, this is making sleep fairly difficult particularly during the afternoon.
Over the next 2 days we will be turning our clocks back 2 hours which will then put us on St Lucia time.
We have split into two watches, port and starboard. There are four people on each watch. We are on a 48 hour roster. One watch will sail from 6am to 11.30am then we have happy hour in which everyone is awake. We have lunch together and have a team meeting to discuss progress, rations, tactics etc. At 12.30pm the second watch takes over until 6pm. The night is split into three four hour watches, 6pm – 10pm, 10pm- 2am and 2am to 6am. This means that on the second day the watch that did the morning shift will now have the morning off and will be doing the afternoon watch. The system works well and allows us to get regular sleep.
In the next 24 hours we will pass the “1000 miles to go” point and will look to put our spinnaker sail up for a fast run to the finish line.
Matt (NZ)

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