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Jua Kali – ARC Race Blogs – Day 13 to

Hello again from JK
All good here still if not a tad hot,  still have a long way to go and its going to push our food limit but should be ok for about 10 more days and still have water for this as well..
lets hope for the rest to go’s fast but still looking at about 10 days from today
Hi everyone
It’s Marcus again so here is a little update for you on our trip.
You may already know we incurred damage with  tear our S4 bur with some good old motivation we got it fixed and back up in a hour or so, so happy days on that. Its Day 13 for us on the water and everyone is a bit smelly now. We have ran out of fruit but we have some lemons left. We have caught 9 fish now all went to good use feeding the crew.
Its funny how the boat can go from complete relaxation to absolute panic when the fishing rod bends over and line starts coming off the reel quicker than you can run. We have probably lost about the same amount of fish too. The ones that have got away though, have been some really big ones I must say!
I think everyone is looking forward to arriving in Saint Lucia having a ice cold beer and a good full nights sleep. I’m also looking forward to going home at xmas and seeing my family. Last time I saw my Mum and Dad was August and I can’t wait to see my dog again; a little hyperactive cocker spaniel called Max. We are thinking it’s going to be another 8 days until we are in hopefully arriving around the 10th. We have a couple days in Saint Lucia then deliver the boat to Antigua. Then fly home the 15th. Hope everyone back home is safe and sound and look forward to seeing you all soon
Bye from Marcus (PYR trainee)

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