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Jua Kali – ARC Race Blogs – Day 10

November 28th:
This experience is proving very interesting so far!
I had expected more time for thoughts to roam free…but once you take into account that on top of watches you have cooking, cleaning, fixes, lost items research…and you still need to try to have some sleep before the up coming watch, it is actually quite of a challenge to have free time. Especially on the first few days as we were regularly soaked!
Yesterday was a low wind day. So not much progress on our course but, when we hit the zero speed with no hints of short term recoveries, we decided it was the right chance to take a good swim in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean…which is something you can’t do everyday! The experience was really refreshing, the waters warm, the sun hot and the skies of an intense blue. It was actually pretty short in the end, as the wind started to slightly take up again and we had to move. Somebody on board said that if you stop for a swim it calls for wind: it seems it could be true!
With very neat skies we also had a very enjoyable sunset while eating yesterday’s catch. Sunrise this morning was again very nice to look at. Speed in the night has been average but overall it seems we managed to finally get into the downwind.
We have just raised our kite and we are back to go West!
Riccardo Cremona

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