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Jua Kali – ARC – Day 18

“Oh what a night……”
It always happens at night and what a night, racing still with our pole out headsail making great speed homewards then the steering decided it was time to have a break and one of the cables that we used to help us steer broke.  Luckily we have two helms on Jua Kali but the cable that broke was near the top of the port helm consoles so we had to take out the helm position to get to the broken wire and chain that is also part of the steering to fix it.
At the start of this race one of the things we did as a crew was talk about what happens if something like this happens ,what we need to do and how the steer bar works which we used whiles fixing the problem. So we dropped the headsail, put in a reef whilst fitting the steering bar and had a cup of tea at the same time.. 
After our tea we got to work repairing and it didn’t take too long to fix and get the starboard helm back up and running using the broken cables from the port side. So we now we are back to full race mode and working hard to catch up any places we have loss overnight and making best time for beer and rum..

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