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Jua Kali – ARC – Day 17

What a race so far !

Jua Kali ARC Skipper - Gareth Glover

Jua Kali ARC Skipper – Gareth Glover

As I sit at the Nav station writing this blog the sun is rising over low clouds on day 17, we have been sailing under pole out head sail for the last 5 days which means we have the main sail on one side and the head sail on the other using the pole to hold the sail out and having been making good progress with speeds Over the Ground (SOG) around 7.5kts last night we were join my two other yachts from the north, Godspeed a X41 which is one of the fasts yachts in out class and Milanto a Swan 46 one of the lowest rated yachts in our class as we havent had any news on where we lay overall in are class until we get in . Apart from one other yacht those of the first sighting of any vessels in 14 days and must mean we are going closer to St Lucia and did have a quick VHF call with them. 

The crew have been working all the time trying to keep us on track and keep the boat speeds up but both of those yachts were under kite and pass us with easy with a bit more boat speed and not as far downwind as us, the plan for us to sail less miles by heading on a more downwind route appose a quicker but longer route under kite closer to the wind using the pole out is much easier for the crew whom some have never sail with a kite up let alone at night with a following swell helm so every one takes there turn whist on watch.  All the guys have been doing a great job as keeping us racing, the plan is to head further southwest today and then around 18.00 Boat time look at a possible gybe so we can get a better angle for our kite to be flow and take us with speed into port over the next 4 days with a ETA on the 10th Dec.
We have every thing cross for a fast ride in and getting in this weekend 
S.Y Jua Kali
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