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EH01 – Final Blog – ARC 2018 – Day 20

EH01 finished their Transatlantic crossing this morning after 21 days at sea!
Just before finishing we received this final blog summing up their adventure together:
Happy to report we are exactly 253 nm from St.Lucia as I write this note.
The crew is both elated and reminiscent – what an adventure this has been! That first day we introduced ourselves, that first impression, that first meal… then the practice on EH01 – it all seems a long time ago.
I think we are all proud of each other and ourselves which was one of the goals no matter our ‘reason’ for signing up. Mixing racing champions with nautical enthusiasts who masquerade as professors, accountants, engineers and doctors seemed at odds but PYR knew what they were doing and my hat goes off to our very experienced Skipper, Andras
We are placing bets on arrival time (Sunday late night/Monday early morning), playing ‘spot this island’ and continue to be challenged by Andras’s unrelenting ‘instruction/enthusiasm’ to go faster – “bearing is 280…not 285”; “go for maximum speed”; between the windex, compass, bow movement, SOG and boat speed readings our heads our spinning. However, I can confidently speak for all the crew that we have all improved our sailing skills. 
Our retirement from the race did not effect our enthusiasm and Andras never let his infectious drive down as we are going for speed, trimming, hoisting, reefing, and encouraging each other these last hours together as Team EH01.
It will be an emotional docking as we frantically wave to our family and friends who have patiently waited – with pina coladas in the St.Lucia sunshine – for us to arrive.
Saying goodbye to strangers who have become so familiar, such good friends that know many stories about you… will be hard.
We have already planned a reunionSmile.

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