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EH01 due to arrive home soon!

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What a great night- floodlit under the moon, 20 knots wind, boat between 8-10kn, poled out no4 and 2 reefs . Brilliant. If it wasn’t for manouvering around fishing boats we’d be home!!

Time to change gears, the wind is diminishing, but before or after bacon and eggs?

Another blog type email? So soon? Well, this time we actually have something interesting to tell you rather than just boat chat!

More tales from the right and honourable, good ship EH01.

The weather came in the night, just like forecast and by day break a totally different landscape waited for us. In contrast to the peaceful sun and flat seas of the night before, on deck we were welcomed by grey skies, strong winds and the waves … It really was a perfect little Atlantic storm. The wind averaged 35 knots (Force 8, gale) and we were getting gusts of up to 43 knots (Force 9, strong gale), which when staring down from the top of a wave, gives an adrenaline rush like nothing else! With the wind and waves right behind us, the weather was pushing us on a straight line home!

The sea was incredible. The tops of the waves (ranging anywhere from six to eight metres/18 to 25ft) get ripped off by the wind into spray. Some waves are roaring and breaking, right behind the boat, but these are not the best to surf down. When you are helming and the eyes of your watch mates bulge and “big wave” tumbles out of their mouths, you know you are in for a good ride. It’s never worth looking behind you. The stern of the boat rises up first and suddenly you are momentarily suspended on top of a wave so high you fear the bow might get buried when you reach the bottom! And wow, does EH01 like to accelerate fast. Very quickly a competition was formed not just between the watches, it was each man/woman for themselves. The competition? Who could get the highest boat speed surfing down a wave. The prize? Glory!

Andy quickly established himself with the speed to beat of 10.8 knots under just the number four headsail and no main. An impressive feat, but the wind increased as the morning went on and Rachel jumped on the helm next to claim an 11.2 as we screamed down the front of a particularly big wave. Watch change over and Anne got off to a flying start with 11.3, in the lead within the first three waves! Becky was up next and set a record that would stand for the whole day. With the wind now regularly gusting in the early forties and the waves bigger than ever, she managed an amazing 11.8 knots! Richard got himself on the leader board despite not helming much throughout the day as he was being domesticated and making dinner, with 10.2 knots as the wind decreased and Andras jumped on overnight sending EH screaming down a wave at 11.5 knots!

A new day this morning initially brought more grey but we are now basking in glorious, even if it still isn’t that warm, sunshine. The mainsail is back up and for now, the right and honourable, good ship EH01 is living double life as a gypsy boat. Our soaked foul weather gear and damp clothes are hanging up on deck in every available space! Not long until land now, we have started taking bets on when land will first be sighted. At the moment we are hoping for sometime tomorrow if we keep up our current speed and hopefully, if we are lucky, stepping foot on dry land sometime on Thursday.

Speak to you next from a surface that isn’t moving!

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