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Day 4 ARC Race… On board Quokka!

Day 4 – 26th November
Daily Run – 202nm
Daily Hero – Florence for persisting in purging the watermaker multiple times to fill shower tanks.
Crew aboard – Christian (Skipper), Pete (First Mate), Louise, George, Tristan, Florence & Elyse
After a fairly rolly night, with a few dark clouds and some sporadic rain, we were greeted by a very dramatic and beautiful morning sky.  Through the course of the morning we dodged several more large ominous looking clouds which fortunately all seemed to dissipate fairly quickly.  Just before lunch though with George on the wheel and Elyse in the cockpit, we did have our first proper downfall.  Needless to say those of us awake below were quick to pass up waterproof jackets and bolt up the washboards Smile
The next task of the day was to get the watermaker producing fresh water from saltwater as we had exhausted the supply of water from our tanks.  We are only using tank water for showering and are carrying bottled water for drinking.  Many boats cross without watermakers and you can call me a wimp but the thought of now shower for 14 days doesn’t fill me with joy.  Needless to say I shower everyday on passage as I feel standards must be maintained.  With a little persistence from Florence who repeatedly purged air from the system, we managed to get the watermaker producing well.  It takes sea water which out here 4.7km deep is pretty clean.  The water is then forced by high pressure pumps through a series of mesh filters which gradually extract all the salt and leave us with fresh water.  Hey presto, shower and clean sailors!!
We had a fabulous sausage, pepper, aubergine and tomato pasta for lunch prepared by Elyse which was greatly received by all the crew and I am doing my World famous (well in my World) famous Fajitas with fresh Guacamole and Salsa for dinner.  Last night the crew had their first happy hour drink and I feel sure they will want to repeat that ce soir!!
A quick gybe required so we can once again head straight towards the destination and then it’s time for me to start preparing dinner.  At 24 degrees North it’s now too warm for jackets at dinner but we’ll cope.
Hope you’re all well at home and catch you tomorrow!!
Captain Christian

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