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Day 3 ARC Race…On board EH01!


Still going well for EH01?

We have had a fantastic couple of days sailing. After the initial hick ups during the first day the crew settled into the watch system nicely and they feel more and more confident about sailing the boat. Conditions have been a little challenging due to the rolling waves bouncing the boat while poled out and all this accompanied with regular squalls, especially last night, occasionally bringing 35-40 knots of wind with them. All this leading to a little bit of exhaustion among the crew.
However, this morning we were all very happy to learn that the honourable and good ship EH01 was one of the fastest boat in her class over the last 24 hours, almost making 200 nautical miles and slowly catching up with our fleet.
Night sailing have been fantastic with a very bright full moon giving us light through out the night; beautiful constellations all around overcast by the ominous squalls appearing from all directions. Dolphins, our regular visitors, have also been around, doing their regular game around the boat. We also saw a massive fish jumping high out of the the water right next to us while we were cracking along with 9-10 knots – not sure what it was though…
So far so good, we are enjoying the ride, eat very well, have a lot of laughter and waiting for the 2000 Nm mark to go which we will reach at some point on Thursday.
Until next time EH01 over and out

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