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ARC Transatlantic 2016 News from onboard

Read the latest from onboard EH01 sailing across the Atlantic on the ARC 2016.

Since our last blog yesterday evening we’ve been trucking along in good pressure. Helming at night was difficult for everyone in full darkness but the crew held their nerve and were surfing the waves all night. Awesome job.! We gybed earlier this morning and now heading South-South West towards the latitude of the Cape Verdes. The weather forecast is promising for the next 24 hours but then we will find ourselves in lighter winds again. Hopefully still enough to keep us moving. Based on our weather routing we will keep going on this SW’ly course until Sunday/Monday when we can turn right and head directly for St Lucia.
Comments from the EH01 Marketing Director
Sailor of the day- Pricey`s pirates
Ionut Lupu aka “Helming Harry” definitely wins sailor of the day for our watch as it was a very challenging evening on the helm with pitch dark conditions, low cloud, no horizon to steer to. Helming Harry kept his cool in up to 26knots of breeze and his helming was a big part in our achieving over 200 miles in 24hours.
Jimbos papaya facial peel
After a few days at sea the salty skin needs a bit of rejuvenation so our youthful Jimbo was our male guinea pig and the result was glowing clean skin, ideal for an Ocean going 18 year old to start early and the papaya has a fab smell  which is very helpful on a predominantly male boat.!!
Yellow brick offer bundles of text messages which are measured by the amount of characters used and this is the only direct  communications method to far away loved ones. Before our voyage started Starkers (Giles) and Monkmeister (Cass) decided that they were going to go “e-dark” which means that you have no communication bundles and are totally offline for our trip. For some of the crew whose phone is akin to a third arm this idea was similar to a addict coming off substances cold turkey but the blog is a fantastic way to communicate our adventures and being able to totally immerse ourselves in this amazing experience.
We are definitely relaxing more into each other company and are sharing each other eclectic tastes in music and syncing Doug`s Fugoo speaker with Storme`s disco Jam one and Skipper Andy (Andras) sensible JBL clip sailing speaker, its been loads of fun!
Tune in tomorrow for Monks music where Cass is looking for the most extreme music taste.
We had a very slow and slightly frustrating second day yesterday. After we managed to make some progress in fairly light but steady conditions during the first 24 hours, yesterday afternoon we found ourselves pretty much in a wind hole averaging about 2 knots for over a 12 hours – while most of our fleet managed to stay in some breeze and pulled away from us. However, massive credit to the crew for staying focused all that time and doing all they could to keep the boat moving. Wind finally filled in at around 3am this morning and we’ve been trucking along averaging nearly 9 knots since, which means we’ve covered over 100 miles over the past 12 hours. Crew is very happy.
We’ve made the decision to choose the southerly route and pass the Cape Verde islands to port (left) before we can turn right and head for St Lucia. This is to avoid a low pressure system which sits mid-Atlantic moving to the north east but very slowly with no wind in the middle. This is the reason why we cant sail the rhumb line and head straight to St Lucia. Some boats chose a northerly route, most of us the other. We’ll see in due course which will be the faster route.
Lovely conditions right now, bolognese is cooking, 18-20 knots on the beam, happy days.
Here’s a few lines from our Second Mate (Jimbo) & our inhouse Marketing DIrector:
The watch system is settling in where we have two teams, Priceys Pirates and Jimbo’s Jollies each doing four hours on, four hours off until 4pm when we do two hours on, two hours off in order to alternate the night watches – every other night is a RedBull night with eight hours of blind sailing. On 23rd November (Wednesday), Pricey’s Pirates start the day at 0000 with a watch change at 0400, etc…
Less dull news includes:
– To perk up the crew Andras ordered a pod of dolphins. And the DJ has confirmed that the dolphins preferred Wham to Norah Jones.
– Stormey is the self-elected Snack Managing Master, due to crew self-control issues.
– Doug’s Asymmetric quote of day: “make it wink, not blink”
– We can confirm that Orion’s Belt does exist after Starkey and Stormey’s star gazing session.
– P.S. Sincere apologies from the on-board Marketing Director, Bob was mistaken as Tom. They both have three letters and an ‘o’ in the middle… (The kid also wants to know whether his ‘plan’ for next November has been approved?)
Second mate and EH01 Marketing Director Out.

Day 1 
So we are finally ready for our transatlantic voyage, 10  people who have never met each other before (other than Starkers and the Monkmeister (Giles and Cass) spending up to 18 days together in a 14m x 4.5m space..!!!  The nerves and adrenalin are running at high intensity, boat has been prepped and inspected, the fruit nets have been stored to prevent scurvy, (it has been known to happen within 16 days before.!) and the crew planned to be well rested but unfortunately the craic in the Sailors bar put the brakes on any excess rest.
The last task of the day was the EH01 team photos and ones with our “rival” and other Performance Yacht racing boat Quokka, Phillipe`s hair (Quokka’s skipper) did look fabulously shiny and conditioned using our Surfachem hair product, ideal for an ocean voyage.!
Final goodbyes were made from crew members loved ones: Amazing Amy from Diamonds are forever, our Dougies fiance came over to say goodbye and Nicola and Tom, our Jimbo`s lovely parents were on the left dock waving furiously as we sailed in a parade past the warship committee boat.
The start itself was a bit surreal, it felt like a normal regatta day start but I think the enormity of what we were about to undertake did finally hit some of us and it was a little quiet on board for the first few hours. Andras (Andy) our skipper had already decided the teams so we have Priceys Pirates with Pricey. Dougie, Ionut, Starkey and Stormey and we have Jimbos Jollies with the lovely Jimbo, Paul, Monkmeister and Peder and the competition is already hotting up. Our first night was great, had the kite up all night and the main dramas were trying not to shine head torches in other faces and trying not to step on each others harnesses.! 
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