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ARC 2018 – ‘EH01’ – The Story of Fishing!

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Today we caught a fish!

While that may be a common enough occurrence in the ARC, this was no ordinary fish.  It was the result of grim determination and teamwork by the EH01 crew.  After an equipment mishap on the first day left us without any usable fishing line, only a bird’s nest of a tangle that looked like the wigs we wore to the Night in Rio party in Las Palmas. so we set about the painstaking job of finding enough usable line to fish with.  Three days of crew effort, with everyone pitching in, resulted in sufficient line to give fishing a go, only to see the first fish take all of the carefully hoarded line in just a few seconds. 

Not to be deterred, the crew continued the job,  and ultimately we had barely enough line to try again, with no room for error.  Yesterday afternoon, we heard the sound of the reel peeling off line as the fish swam one way, and we sailed at 9 knots in the other.  This led to 10 minutes of absolute chaos, as catching that fish became more important than even the sailboat race.  The fish was landed!  That beautiful Dorado a metaphor for the determination and teamwork of the EH01 crew.  It was also a very nice dinner.   

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