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ARC 2018 – Day 9 – “Quokka’

ARC 2018 – Day 9 – “Quokka’

Wow! More than half way is done already! Extraordinary experience so far!

I’m really enjoying these moments and the adventure together!

It’s very interesting to see how 8 people not knowing each other, in this kind of life situation, are getting well connected for the same big objective. Respect and concern for each other are key elements for going such a long way.


These first days have shown how important seamanship and levels of execution and security are on a boat. Skipper Gareth and our Mate Sam did a great job on training us and establishing this important level of quality in manoeuvres and communication which is needed for adventure like this! We want and we are already getting better every day and are going forward to chase the rest of the fleet.

Nature: after many dolphins and flying fish we had nice visit from mink-whale (5m long) two days ago. He saluted the boat by jumping out of the water in almost full size! What a great welcome for the second part of our trip!

Jens (Germany)

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