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ARC 2018 – Day 6 – ‘Quokka’

Day 6 on board Quokka started for me with a watch change at 2 am and on deck we were greeted with a sky full of a million stars with no light pollution this along with a disco light show in the water around us as we surfed down waves that glowed as they broke around us was something that I think definitely makes being woken up at that hour worth it.

Another factor which has made this trip so much better would be the food that we have been having, from catching fish and having it fried within the hour it was landed, to home made sticky chocolate brownie with custard made by Sam and even freshly baked bread, Gareth has even made popcorn for the night time watch changes. It is amazing what some good food can do to a crews moral and energy levels at 2 am or 6 am. So I am definitely looking forward to the fish that we hooked as I am writing this.


Written by Tom Playford, PYR Trainee

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