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ARC 2018 – Day 6 – ‘EH01’

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Hello Everyone,
We continue to make good progress here, currently sitting 3rd place on the water behind Scarlet Oyster and Jua Kali. We will try to close the gap on Jua Kali and pull away more from the boats behind. We still keep heading south west to avoid a big light patch sitting west of us. We expect lighter conditions for the next couple of days but hopefully on Monday we can turn due west and head for the bar.
Life is good on board. it is a bit cloudy and sticky today but still all right.
We’re still trying to fix our fishing line which is all tangled up and it is a painfully slow process the gain some meters that we can use. Every watch is taking turns in freeing some line. Hopefully by tomorrow we’ll have enough to resume action and re enter our fishing competition with the other PYR boat, Quokka.
Here’s a few words from our crew, Carla, again who’s giving you a little insight about the experience on board.
Getting up and out of bed for the 4:00 am watch, after what feels like just a few minutes of sleep, is the hardest time to start a shift. it’s been quite cloudy tonight making the helm a disorientating place to be as the waves move the bow left and right and the sails flap and the boom clangs. But we see one mast light to each our port and starboard and realize how amazing it is that we come across one another so far from land. Life at sea is not lonely.
There are sailors on the same quest, a young whale breached just 500 meters from us and a large one and its calf swam near the surface right next to our boat, the birds still soar near by, and we have photos, letters, and satellite texts from home in our hands.

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