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ARC 2018 – Day 4 – ‘Quokka’

Day 4 – Wednesday 28th   10:00 am Location: 24 06’.4N  022 28’.0W

Just Gybed to 225 degrees head to waypoint to stay under North Atlantic High and continue to be push westward.

All is well aboard, watches are improving as the crew get into the pattern.

The boat is becoming more familiar enabling some good kite changes and gybes.


Some how I’ve managed to mess-up baking a ‘just add water’ bread mix? A brick of dough emerged from the oven?

Three bites on the line we have trailing behind, that’s three that got away and two lures down, not so good in fishing stakes either thus far. 

However the mood is good and making good progress picking up some good winds and the kite is flying well 😊

Sam (Mate ‘Quokka’)

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