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ARC 2018 – Day 4 – ‘EH01’

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ARC 2018 – Day 4 – ‘EH01’
Morning Everyone from the good ship EH01,

Skipper’s Blog

We are into our fourth day at sea. Our emotional and exciting departure on Sunday feels like a distant memory by now. Crew started to settle into life at sea, learning more and more about the boat, sailing and each other. Everyone is well and enjoying the experience.
Our first night was quite uneventful (which is always a good thing). We got stuck in a light patch for several hours while most of our fleet sailed away from us. However, it looks like we are closing the gap day by day.
Now we are sailing in moderate trade winds, the sun is out, the fishing line too and we are enjoying nice sailing conditions. The weather ahead looks fairly straight forward. Everyone is sailing on a south-westerly route to avoid the light conditions west of us. Probably we’ll be sailing on this course until the weekend and then we’ll see how the weather system is moving ahead of us. Hopefully, we can soon turn due west and head for the bar in St Lucia.
Skipper Andras.

Crew Blog – Carla

Here are a few words about life at sea from one of our crew member, Carla:

Sitting out under the bright stars of the milky way we are into our fourth day at sea. It has taken a few days to sort ourselves out as we adjust to our new reality. We have settled into our four hour watches and figured out all the tasks. Sail changes are smoothing out and we are holding our course better. We are also learning so much about life at sea.
We’ve moved from surviving to enjoying. Hair has been washed, bikinis put on, fresh guacamole eaten, fishing line strung. Gym music is pumping during fitness time push ups an

d squats. We’ve even had a craft session taping and sewing our spinnaker (just a tiny repair) and now we are learning to sail gently but quickly to keep it intact as we push onwards.

We are grateful for being able to experience this adventure together.
Andras, Alex, Marco, Stuart, Charles, Javier, Alan, Jake, Olivia, Carla, and Emma

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