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ARC 2018 – DAY 14 QUOKKA

It is getting warmer and warmer here and it definitely feels like the end of the trip. We have had some good exciting winds over the last 24 hrs. The last two nights were full of squalls that were following us relentlessly. We call them little or monstrous turtles because somehow they always appear in a shape of a turtle. It blew up to 26 knots last morning and last night but we did not give up on the spinnaker! We have some really good drivers here like Jens or Gareth (obviously) who helped us close the distance between us and EH01 due to their stern helming. Although EH is still in front of us, we hope we can catch up with them and have an exciting finish.
I have to say that it is getting a bit tougher now because everyone is tired and deprived of sleep. Gareth is keeping the spirits high by making custard with canned fruit or sweet popcorn. We have also baked a few breads which is always a nice moment that brightens our daily routine.
Obviously, everyone is running their list of things which they will do once on land – my dream for today is a mango smoothie (boring), others desperately want the rum.
Funny how our characters have showed during this trip. At first we were just a group of strangers and now we can surely say we know our strong and weak points and each other’s spirit. I think it is fantastic that we are getting on so well. Well done team Quokka 8.

Kisses to my mum! And everyone else (Marzenka, Piotrus, Gosia i ekipa and others).


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