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ARC 2018 – Day 11 – ‘QUOKKA’

Very interesting to read the blogs being sent in from ‘Quokka’ and ‘EH01’ and compare their experiences of the same weather conditions just a few miles apart.

ARC 2018 – Day 11 – ‘Quokka’

Well that was a fun night with squall of rain and winds to 30kts gusts! It was so dark it was hard to tell who was next to you but the team pull together to get though most of the night.

We sailed with the kite up until it was too hard to keep on going. So the task of dropping the anti wrap net then the kite and put a gybe in then re hoist the head sail followed by the pole out began in almost pitch black darkness. It didn’t take long to do this as the team have been sailing together for the last 11 days and have got to know what was going to happen; particularly after we talk it over again.  

This story does turn out to be a happy one. All went well this time and we were back into race mode after 35 minutes. We are now polling out the headsail making good speed towards the end and with an ETA of 4/5 days.

ALL of the crew as always are looking forward to dry land and something that does roll of from side to side as we go down wind.


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