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HomeARC 2018 – Day 10 – “Quokka’ – PYR Yachtmaster Trainees get a taste of the ocean!ARC 2018 – Day 10 – “Quokka’ – PYR Yachtmaster Trainees get a taste of the ocean!

ARC 2018 – Day 10 – “Quokka’ – PYR Yachtmaster Trainees get a taste of the ocean!

Here’s the latest post from one of our Trainees taking part in the ARC as part if her traineeship programme, ahead of her Caribbean/UK Yachtmaster programme. Tom is also on our Traineeship programme!


Hello landlubbers!

Our fabulous team on Quokka 8 is doing very well. As the days pass by our bodies become saltier and tougher, ready to conquer any sea and ocean that is out there. We are in a good rhythm now and it is surprising how simple it gets – three hours of sleep, catching a fish, cooking rice and enjoying sunrises and sunsets.

I do think though that this trip brings personal challenges and reflection to all of us. Some fight their fears related to life on land, others try to get better in sailing and overcome their physical and mental limitations.

Race wise, we are in the running, Hurrah! Andras and his team on EH01 is hanging around us, somewhere in the vicinity of 10 miles. Jua Kali is out in front but we think we can still beat them. Winds are lighter than three days ago and oscillate around 18-20 knots at times.

The good news is that we have not damaged anything despite a couple of shameful achievements like broaching or wrapping the kite around the stay. With the latter we have an amazing boy on the boat – Tom, our unwrap spinnaker man. With all regrets, he has already been on the mast twice but he seems to enjoy it😊

I am sending salty hugs to all of you who are tracking us and especially to my family and friends with whom I hope I will cross all of the oceans one day.

A few more days and we will give you a call from St Lucia.

Kasia Wojciechowska

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