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2nd in class Antigua Week 2015

Antigua Sailing Week yacht race crew with Global Yacht Racing

Antigua Week 2015 was a fantastic event for us. We had a group of experienced sailors racing onboard EH01 for the week and you can read all of Bill’s blogs on our Facebook page.

It was a hard fought week with some very tough competition from some of our good friends and colleagues on Scarlet Oyster, Swan 51 Northern Child and the First 40 Southern Child.

Here is Bill Blains final blog, to read the others visit our Facebook page 

11017506_10153795763228098_9166960667336052474_nBlain’s Blog – Antigua Race Week report from Bill Blain on EHO1 

Friday 1st May

Sorry about the late blog today, but it was our crew dinner last night, and suffice to say it was a very late one! A fine evening arranged by our Silver Ferret, former commodore Colin Hall – we dined on Galleon’s Beach and danced to a steel band!

After a break on Wednesday (official Lay Day), Thursday was also the second last day of Antigua Sailing Week and the Royal Southern Team 1 Boat, Global Yacht Racing’s EHO1, is now sitting in 2nd place! We are only one point ahead of 2 other boats; the Italian boat Caccia alla Volpe and the Swan, Northern Child. (Our nemesis Scarlet Oyster has sailed off with the regatta scoring bullets – first place – in each and every race.)

It means that whomever finishes ahead today between we three boats will likely win second place – so on this last day’s racing we have absolutely everything to play for! But we can look back at great performance on Thursday where we scored a 4th in the first race and a convincing 2nd in the second race.

But nothing is ever certain in yacht racing. A bad start, a fuddled tack, a poor gybe, or gear failure can upset the most carefully prepared race plans. Normally we address these issues through weeks and weeks of crew training so that every “rotation” becomes smoother than silk, and by preparing the boat in depth.

Our mantra is: “perfect preparation prevents p**s poor performance.”

Fortunately we have nothing to worry about on our boat. Skipper and owner Andy Middleton keeps his yacht in immaculate racing spec. Our crew work was always going to be the weaker aspect.
Our team is a scratch team of Royal Southern members who have never sailed as a crew together before. Yet, after 5 days racing we are really becoming quite good. Out tacking is nearly flawless, our gybes are working very well, and while some of our tactics and calls remain questionable, we have produced a run of decent results.

Through the last few blogs I’ve name checked members of the team and their critical roles on the boat. There are a few more to mention: Liz Richardson is our gofer – with the critical responsibility of keeping the crew supplied with water and diving into the cabin to pull down Spinnakers. Pulling sails up as Mastman is our only youngster; Matt Hall. And finally there is our Rear Commodore Sailing, Graham Nixon, who is our “Naviguessor”, keeping us on course to the next mark. It is his job to make sure we sail fast and true in the right direction – which is always the right ways to win!

As I write this the sun is rising over Antigua. This has been one of the best regattas I’ve participated in. We’ll be on the race course in just a few hours – our fate is in our own hands. We’ve done everything we can to ensure success. Today we just have to do a little bit more…

Without sounding to Shakespearian about it.. “Men abed this day will curse they were not with us this May Day 2015!”

Tomorrow I will be posting the final result!

There’s more information on ASW here:

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